Positivity, Passion, and a Kaleidoscope

Just one look at the desk of WSI President and Chief Executive Officer Jeff O’Brien reveals a lot about his company. Since 2001, WSI, a recruitment and staffing specialist currently with offices throughout the Midwest, has impacted thousands of lives by helping people get full-time and temporary work assignments. Over the years, WSI has also dramatically increased the number of companies using its selection model to test the caliber of candidates. Beyond these successes, the one thing that O’Brien is most proud of is his team. He says, “I’ve never had a more collaborative, effective, enjoyable group of people to work with than I do currently. And that makes what we do fun.”

Who: The A Method for Hiring by Geoff Smart and Randy Street is about culture interviews and cultural fit. Its systemic approach to finding the right candidates and how to interview to discern between good and bad fit is quite powerful.

For Battle Creek’s Vince Pavone

Vince Pavone’s passion for Southwest Michigan goes far beyond how local customers drive the balance sheets of Lakeview Ford Lincoln, the Battle Creek dealership he owns. Vince and his wife relocated from Birmingham, Michigan in 2010 at the time he became dealer principal. The move encouraged Vince to fully commit to his new home by focusing on the key needs facing the Battle Creek community.

If you have the chance to meet Vince personally in his office, you learn a lot about him and what he cares deeply about just by looking at his desk.

“I have a lot of passion for the cities of Battle Creek and Kalamazoo,” said Pavone. “These smaller Midwest communities afford all of us the opportunity to make a difference that we couldn’t otherwise make in larger communities. We can make a difference in Battle Creek. We can make a difference in Kalamazoo. We can make a difference in this region. There are opportunities to do things here that you wouldn’t have if your company were headquartered in Tampa, Chicago or Detroit.”