Shaun Moskalik
Proprietor of Honoré Salon

The Early Years

“My brother-in-law got me hooked on watching the CBS Morning Show with Charles Osgood. I have watched religiously since ninth grade; it’s how I start my Sundays.”

1987 | Graduated from Parchment High School

“I loved growing up here. My mother, Barbara, was just the perfect mom. She gave me unconditional love and supported anything I did. I grew up liking hair, so the first thing I did after high school was to get my cosmetology license. That was my artistic passion. I still have family here. It’s a very grounding feeling for me to be here.”

1989 | Graduated from Cosmetology License & Started Cutting Hair

“When I started, we made our appointments on paper. We put people under the dryers. You could smoke in a salon. People didn’t care about the environment. We didn’t have computers. We had paper, and a little cash drawer. The innovations are exciting. You have to grab them and embrace them.”

1996 | Completed Associate’s Degree at Kalamazoo Valley Community College

1997 | Moved to Chicago

“I was interested in real estate finance and started working for a friend’s real estate firm in Chicago. It’s that one-on-one interaction—the same as cutting hair—that tied me in. So, I kept real estate clientele there and for the last 18 years, have split my time between Chicago and Kalamazoo.

I’m with the Berkshire Hathaway firm. We’re the Home Discovery Team. We’re a small team, and we’ve worked together for a very long time.”

1997 | Met partner, Gregg Zgonena

2001 | Completed Bachelor’s Degree at Loyola University

2003 | Founded Honoré Salon in Kalamazoo

“I’ve only thought about doing this business in this town. It never would occur to me to do it in Chicago. So many of my clients here have become family. It’s such a great community, and when I come here it’s like a recharge.”

“When I started, I rented this tiny little place up in the Fifth Third Bank building, top floor. It was 200 square feet with great views. It worked, and it was cute.”

“I figured it out on the way; I’m a much better boss, and a much better business owner now than when I started.”

2004 | Honoré Salon Moves to Current Home: 146 South Kalamazoo Mall Street

“Honoré’s focus is hair only. We do cut, color, hair extensions, a little facial waxing, but our main focus is just to deliver a great service.”

2007 | Bought Building in Which Honoré Salon is Located

2008-2009 | Then Came the Great Recession

“I had to make it through the recession. It affected real estate; it affected this business—and that was probably my biggest learning lesson. I rolled up my sleeves and worked my a** off, really hard. I looked at every expenditure everywhere. I grew up modestly, so I know rough times, and I’m not afraid of them. I still work over 50 hours a week. You’ve got to work hard these days.”

2016 | Present

“Everything I planned along the way, but life kept throwing a different turn, so I just kind of went in that direction. “How’s that for a path?”

“My biggest joy is sharing my experience with younger people or new people in the business—giving people a chance. I had a lot of people in my youth give me a chance, and you have to give that back.”

Community Involvement

“We do a lot for the community. I don’t do a lot of traditional advertising. I would rather do a coat drive for Communities In Schools. Whether we do raffles, donate money or donate haircuts, we try to get and stay involved in the community. So many people have been so good to us; that’s why I do it. Right now, we’re partnering with Art Hop, Communities in Schools, Allegan County Legal Assistance Center, Sylvia’s Place, ASPCA, local public schools, etc.”

Words of Wisdom:

To your younger self: “You’re so impatient when you’re young, and you want everything now. When things don’t move quickly enough, you get irritated. I probably would have told myself to be more patient, and to work on communication.”

To someone first starting a business: “I would probably talk about the reality of the business and what a long-term commitment it is. Don’t have an ego, listen and plan very carefully.” If you want to develop a great team, you have to listen to them. What I might think is important, might not be important to them. There is a lot of collaboration; I try to listen as much as possible.”

On venting at the salon: “I’ve had many clients for 20 something years. The biggest thing I’ve learned with my clientele is to keep your mouth shut. Be a good listener and keep your mouth shut. If someone has a rough day and they let off some steam, it’s nobody’s business.”

On Unwinding:
Nothing like a glass of wine and a movie at home.

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