Don’t Go Breaking This Mold!

If you were to ask a manufacturer to tell you its biggest challenges, the search for skilled talent would likely land among its top three answers.
Michigan has worked hard to reclaim its spot among the top states for both manufacturing output and employment. As part of its efforts, the state listened to the employment struggles of industry leaders. It responded by establishing a workforce funding program that assists employers in training, developing, and retaining their current and yet-to-be-hired employees.

Clear Mission Drives Dairy Cooperative Growth

Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA) has a simple mission statement: To market MMPA members’ milk to the greatest advantage possible. The succinct directive has proven to be successful.

Founded over 100 years ago, the dairy farmer-owned cooperative has grown to represent nearly 1,600 dairy farmers in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The cooperative supplies over 1 billion pounds of milk per year to local bottlers who fill the milk jugs found on grocery store shelves. It also produces dairy products such as butter, nonfat dry milk, cream, and condensed skim milk.

Industry Evolution Seeds Growth of Excel Ag Solutions

Barry Mumby took a leap of faith in 1979 with four partners to launch Mendon Seed Growers.

Paying 18 percent interest on borrowed capital and adding customers a single digit at a time, he had no idea then what the seed corn venture would spur in St. Joseph County and the region.

Stryker’s Expansion Boosts Michigan’s Medical Technology Industry

With its jobless rate hovering around 4.0 PERCENT, the Southwest Michigan region may be experiencing what many economists deem “full” employment.

This statistic is a positive one when describing the area’s economic health, but a challenging one to overcome for companies seeking to hire new employees. To attract job seekers, companies must differentiate themselves in this highly competitive market.

On Pace

On Highway M-60, where it winds past scenic lakes and lush farmland in St. Joseph County, sits a dynamic manufacturer of high-profile parts for the automotive, marine, agricultural, entertainment, and industrial sectors.

Revved-up auto enthusiasts readily seek out its products such as covers for the superchargers on General Motors’ Corvette, Camaro, and Cadillac supercars, and superchargers for Roush Racing that power the Ford Mustang and Raptor.

Only the select few foresee never-ending opportunities

Team members at SELECT Products Limited in Portage have a great story to tell. The geared continuous door hinge they produce survived an independent test of 25 million open-and-close cycles. The test required over four years to complete. Every other component in the door failed except the hinge.

That’s a product the team is proud to develop, produce, sell, and support! In fact, the company has a never-ending warranty.

It Takes a Village (in Moso Village)

GT Independence, a fiscal intermediary agency headquartered in Sturgis, is seeking 53 new employees.

CEO John Carmichael describes the company’s services. “We help elderly and disabled people stay in their homes and communities by administering Medicaid funding for the Self-Determination Program. Our clients get to choose who comes into their home to help with activities and allow them to remain independent.”

About 250 GT employees serve nearly 15,000 Medicaid beneficiaries in nine states. And their footprint is growing in 2018 with plans to extend services to five more states.

On the surface, these employees possess customer service, payroll, and technical skills, but their roles are much deeper.

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