Back Cover$2,500$6,750$11,475
Inside Front Cover$2,200$5,940$10,098
Inside Back Cover$2,200$5,940$10,098
Page 3$2,100 $5,670$9,639
Full Page $1,800$4,590$8,100
Half Page $1,400$4,200$8,400
Design Per Ad (Only Upon Request)$500

Why a Magazine?

269 MAGAZINE™ will make people pay attention: a win-win in a world where it’s getting harder to meaningfully reach customers.

269 MAGAZINE™ will win across key metrics: drive consumers to websites and searches, increase brand favorability and purchase intent.

269 MAGAZINE™ will give true pleasure to readers with fresh content: magazines are the #1 engagement medium.

269 MAGAZINE™ will motivate consumer action: reading demands 100% attention and 56% of consumers take action after reading an ad.

269 MAGAZINE™ will deliver 360º marketing: while print is preferred, online editions are easily accessed via web and mobile devices.

269 MAGAZINE™ will engage in powerful ways: magazines are viewed as a trustworthy media source.