(269) LIST for March/April: Float, Bike Hike!


1. Kalamazoo River
Canoe the Kalamazoo River leisurely or bring along your fishing gear to multiple access points on this extensive Southwest Michigan river.
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Kalamazoo County

2. Rotary Park
Launch your canoe or kayak into the Messenger-Hodunk chain of lakes where you can experience an abundance of wildlife. Rotary Park is a scenic starting point to access the Coldwater River, South Lake and Cemetery Lake.
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Coldwater | +1 (517) 279-9501


3. Dr. T.K. Lawless Park
Explore 820 acres of nature as you bike through Dr. T.K. Lawless Park. The 10-mile bike trail provides a soothing ride with scenery including fields, trees and a swamp.
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Jones | +1 (269) 445-4456

4. Yankee Springs State – Recreation Area
Yankee Springs State Recreation Area provides mountain biking trails in distances between one and 12 miles. Gaze over the water of nine different lakes that welcome fishing and beach visits.
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Middleville | +1 (269) 795-9081

5. Portage Bikeway
The Portage Bikeway boasts 55 miles of interconnected trails and roads. Choose to stay off-road and pass through the Celery Flats or Bishop’s Bog Preserve or connect with main roads to bike past Portage’s retail areas.
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Portage | +1 (269) 329-4522

6. Harbert Road Nature Preserve
Enjoy a woodsy bike ride and take a moment to enjoy the wetlands attracting mallards and blue and green herons.
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Harbert | +1 (269) 469-1676

7. Texas Drive Park
Texas Drive Park offers visitors a recreational ride around a ¾ mile trail surrounding the park. The trail is in the process of expansion and is anticipated to open in October 2016.
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Kalamazoo | +1 (269) 375-1591

8. Kal-Haven Trail State Park
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, spend a day biking this woodsy trail, and cool off afterwards in South Haven at Lake Michigan.
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Kalamazoo | +1 (269) 372-2655


9. Kalamazoo Nature Center
With something to offer in every season, the trails surrounding the Kalamazoo Nature Center are the perfect place to enjoy wildlife and stay active.
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Kalamazoo | +1 (269) 381-1574

10. Sarett Nature Center
This nature center’s focus on environmental education will give a sense of community as you embark on your next hike. Exploring wildlife is encouraged on the beautiful 8-mile trail.
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Benton Harbor | +1 (269) 927-4832

11. Fred Russ Forest Park
One of the most popular parks in Cass County, Michigan, Fred Russ Forest Park sits within the 580-acre Fred Russ research forest. Hikers can appreciate the area’s history and enjoy accommodations including fresh well water.
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Decatur | +1 (269) 445-4456

12. Grand Mere State Park
Relax with a hike through sand dunes of the Lake Michigan shoreline at Grand Mere State Park. Beautiful views also incorporate undeveloped areas of three inland lakes.
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Stevensville | +1 (269) 426-4013

13. Madeline Bertrand County Park
Roam the trails of Madeline Bertrand County Park, located along the St. Joseph River. Hikers enjoy the calm atmosphere of pine and oak forests.
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Niles | +1 (269) 683-8280

14. Van Buren State Park
Sand dunes attract regional tourists to this beachy park filled with wooded trails. Make your visit a true getaway with a stay at the campgrounds just a few miles from the trails and shoreline.
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South Haven | +1 (269) 637-2788

15. Vicksburg Trailway
A railroad corridor turned paved trail navigates through dense woodlands. The trail passes through the Vicksburg Recreation Area and connects to Village of Vicksburg neighborhoods.
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Vicksburg | +1 (269) 649-1919

16. Ott Biological Preserve
Refresh with the greenery of Ott Biological Preserve, considered to be Calhoun County’s “hidden gem.”
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Battle Creek | +1 (269) 781-9841

17. Scotts Mill County Park
Trails meander past agricultural and historical interest points at Scotts Mill County Park, first settled in 1836.
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Scotts | +1 (269) 383-8778

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