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269 MAGAZINE is a regional publication communicating the distinctive brand that is Southwest Michigan.

269 MAGAZINE tells the region’s positive success stories surrounding business expansions, entrepreneurship, leadership, philanthropy and quality of life. The magazine showcases how these stories can and do affect the community in which we live, work and thrive. Overall, our pages illustrate why business, neighbors and community are dependent on each other for sustaining positive growth.

The primary geographic focus is the seven county region that makes up Southwest Michigan.

Content is targeted to business and community professionals who want to make a difference in our communities.

Our hope is that readers of 269 MAGAZINE will become active participants in the world around them and join in our mission to make Southwest Michigan the place to make a home, go to work and bring dreams to reality.

269 MAGAZINE is published by Southwest Michigan First, a team passionate about creating jobs and cultivating a strong economy in Southwest Michigan.

The mark 269 is used under license from Discover Kalamazoo.

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