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An Internship Insight with Hali Kunst.


Caledonia, Michigan


Western Michigan University
Chemical Engineering Major; Biology Minor; Life Sciences Focus
Expected Graduation: Spring 2019


Process Engineer Intern

High-Tech and Fast-Paced

Industrial consulting firm CRB’s engineers (chemical, mechanical, civil), along with critical utility specialists, and an array of other experts, collaborate to design solutions for clients. We work in four phases: conceptual, schematic, design, and then construction. As a process engineer intern with a background in chemistry and biology, I help design detailed plans for life science projects. I also create instrumentation diagrams that visually represent the process of how chemicals will be made.

Working Together

I am currently working on an expansion project for GRAM (Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing) alongside Melinda Smith, a pharmaceutical specialist. Melinda is offsite, but we still connect via Skype. We video call, share screens, and are able to work together on the project remotely. Along the way, I have been getting trained in computer simulation programs like Microsoft Visio for diagrams and MicroStation for CAD (computer-aided design).

Something New Every Day

I have learned to be proactive with my goals and manage my responsibilities. CRB encourages me to go ahead and try things on my own, but I know to check and double check my work. CRB also has an open-door policy, so I can ask anyone for help if I need to. People are always willing to drop what they are doing, so I don’t ever feel like I am intruding on their work. This has gotten me out of my comfort zone in regard to asking for help because, in school, I was always the type of person to silently struggle my way through.

Moving Forward

In high school, chemistry challenged me like no other class did. It helped that I had a terrific chemistry teacher who pushed me. I loved it. I am so happy to be here today getting real experience and pushing myself farther. I have learned so much and met so many terrific people at CRB. I am especially thankful for the opportunity to try the consulting side of chemical engineering before I graduate and decide on a career path.

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