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Who do we reach?

Young Professionals (57% of our audience is 18-44) who are:

  • Smart. 60% have an associate’s degree or higher or attended some college.
  • Educated. 42,788 college students attend our region’s higher education institutions.
  • Balanced. 51% female and 49% male.

How does it work?  

Job Postings cost $150. Postings are live on our website for 60 days, appear one (1) time in our digital newsletter (First & 42: The Digital Daily), and receive two (2) social media shout-outs. You provide the content, we take it from there.


Contact Trisha or check out our FAQ.


Need to modify your Job Post? Please allow up to 48 hours for all requests to be completed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a Job Post?


How long will it take for my job to be on the Job Board after I submit?

Jobs are live within 48 business hours from the time you submit. Weekend days are NOT included in business hours. You provide the content, we control the schedule.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes. After your job posts, you will receive a confirmation email with your receipt, the date your Job Post expires as well as the direct link to your Job Post.

How long will my job be on the Job Board?

Jobs are live on the board for 60 days. If you would like to extend your post beyond the 60 days, you can contact Trisha Dunham for details on how to do so.

Where will my job be featured?

Jobs are featured on our Job Board and one (1) time in our daily newsletter as determined by our team. In addition, we will mention your post two (2) times on our social media channels.

What kinds of things should I include in the job description?

The best Job Posts have a description of your company, a blurb about your company culture and a clear list of responsibilities and qualifications. Other points that help a Job Post perform better are information about compensation and benefits.

Can I link my Job Post out to another site?

Yes. In the submission form, under “How to Apply” you can provide a link for your Job Post to link out to if you prefer candidates to apply through your site.

Is there a bundle package available for posting multiple jobs?

Yes. Contact Trisha Dunham for details.

What do I do if my job gets filled before it expires?

Email Trisha Dunham for your post to be taken down.

Can I make edits to my Job Post after I submit?

Yes. Email Trisha Dunham with any changes.

Can I get simple statistics of how my job performed?

Yes. Email Trisha Dunham for a simple report on how your job performed.

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