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2019 Wonderful Workplaces Submission

Ring! Ring! It’s 5:30 a.m. You hop out of bed, jump in the shower and steer your car towards the office. Your first meeting isn’t until 10:00 a.m., but you just can’t wait to get there. Why? You work in one of Southwest Michigan’s wonderful workplaces!

What makes your workplace special? Is it a fully-stocked coffee bar brewing a fresh cup of java upon your arrival or the laughter you enjoy with your office mates around a more traditional percolator? Maybe it’s your leadership team working side-by-side with the entire team to beat the clock before that important project is due. It might be because tomorrow is “bring your dog to work day.” It could be the place where creativity is bubbling over at a collaborative table. Or, it might be even be a space where the CEO’s door is always open to lend a thoughtful ear on what’s going on with you.

We’re not just making this up. We’ve scouted Southwest Michigan to find workplaces that know how to make work both fulfilling and fun for their employees. These workplaces know that creating a comfortable, energetic, and team-oriented environment isn’t only nice, but necessary. And they know that while profits are important for their success, healthy, happy people are vital.

Our Holiday 2019 issue will recognize our region’s amazing organizational cultures and human resources practices that truly standout as Wonderful Workplaces. We want everyone to know why where you work is wonderful. So, tell us about where you work, and we may just tell everyone else!


  1. Your office must be physically located in one of the seven counties of Southwest Michigan – Berrien, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph, Van Buren.
  2. You must be available to be interviewed by the 269 MAGAZINE team between September 16-26, 2019.
  3. Your entry must be received by our September 6, 2019 deadline. By submitting your name, you agree to be the primary contact to set up a potential interview.

Your participation in the Wonderful Workplaces program requires a $50 investment. After you submit your application, you will proceed to a payment screen to complete your investment in your culture.

Physical Location for an Interview

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